Steel Cap Boots

Steel cap boots

Safety is the best prevention and many lessons have been learned throughout the history of industrial revolutions. One of these preventative lessons will far outlive any innovations in the workplace and that is ‘Steel Cap Boots’. This footwear goes by: Steel Toe Boot, Safety Boot and Safety Shoe. And steel being the invisible yet most important detail of this footwear has optimized it to become a super hero material that has saved untold millions of dollars to industries worldwide.

War and Peace

The Steel Cap Boot came into use around the end of World War II in Germany replacing leather boots and wooden clogs. And the injuries were plenty and a solution was soon launched.

Progressive Safety and Function

The progression of the Steel Cap Boots during the Industrial Revolution in America came to see the footwear as a requirement over time in many industries and not one that could be negotiated in most instances. Steel Cap Boots became an iconic feature in the American Farmer, Miner and Logger and synonymous with Rugged Individualism that built a productive society of hard workers. And over time the footwear took on more style and comfort as well as trusted function.

Built Tough to Serve and Protect

The impressive design of the culturally relevant Steel Cap Boots incorporates durable leather with the steel plate inserted in the toe as well as the mid sole of the boot to prevent sharp punctures from objects top and bottom. Astonishingly the highest rated Steel Cap Boots can withstand from 75 lbs to 400 lbs from 3 ft.

Safety Compliance in the Workplace

Governmental agencies like OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Act enforces workplace safety standards and procedures and Steel Cap Boots are required for both men and women in many workplaces. And over the last one hundred years, these safety boots have been so refined to have even been modified into more fashionable options that have the added value of comfort as well. And other materials are now used instead of leather which include: plastics and aluminum.

Appeal to the Subcultural Landscape

Steel Cap Boots developed a fan base of subcultural groups who love them for the edgy appeal and can also be seen gracing runways as fashion statements. The element of danger and excitement meet the safety boot to bring about an interesting juxtaposition.

Clearing Up Urban Legends and Alternative Facts

The Steel Cap Boot doesn’t escape the rising tide of alternative facts. Some may try to rumor the boot to be intended for safety but also a danger to the wearer, resulting in toe amputation. And this is largely believed by some due to the grapevine but no documented proof can be made for these tall tales. And like they say: “Show the Receipts!” Otherwise, the Steel Cap Boot will continue to morph and transform to meet the ever changing safety needs of the workplace.

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