Helpful Brand House Direct Tips

Helpful Brand House Direct Tips


Slippers are the ultimate comfort for your worn out and cold feet. They easily slip on with no laces or zippers and provide us with warm and cozy toes. However, not all slippers from Brand House Direct are the same. Here are some necessities you should look for when buying new slippers to ensure they meet your quality standards.

When it comes to buying slippers from Brand House Direct, you should start looking at slippers that are provided in a size bigger than your normal shoe. This is simply to allow your feet the breathing room they need to relax in the slippers. You don’t want to get slippers that are too tight or uncomfortable for your feet as you won’t enjoy wearing them. Remember that slippers are all about comfort. You don’t need to be able to run a mile in them, you simply need to be able to walk in them.

The next thing you should consider when looking for slippers from Brand House Direct is the types of floors that you’ll be wearing them on. If your home is comprised of hardwood floors, then you’re going to want a thicker sole that won’t wear out. If you have carpeting throughout your entire home, then you can get away with a thin sole. Flooring can make all the difference in the way you feel when walking around in your new slippers from Brand House Direct and how long they last you on average.

The style of slipper that you purchase from Brand House Direct is going to be up to your personal preference. The most common are the open heel, closed back, sandals and boots. Open heel slippers are the traditional type of house slipper that you can simply slip your feet into. These are great to give you some cushioning and protect your feet from the cold floor. Closed back slippers provide a more secure fit and are commonly thought of as moccasins. Slipper boots provide a large level of security that is accompanied by a harder sole. These are great for walking around and preventing that cold from seeping into your slippers. Lastly, we have the sandal slipper. These are constructed pretty much like the name entails. There are open heels and open toes that allow your feet to stay cool but give you cushioning for walking on hard surfaces and outside.

When purchasing slippers from Brand House Direct you should take your time. Take all the factors about into consideration to give yourself a narrowed list of potential options to buy. This will ensure that your new slippers meet all of your personal needs and that you’re overly happy with your slipper purchase from Brand House Direct.

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