Heels on Trend for Summer

Heels on Trend for Summer of 2017

High heels are always stylish and you should have at least one pair for special occasions available in your closet. If you are looking to update your shoes for this summer, there are various high heels that are trending this year. This year comfortable and modern looking high heels are the trendiest option for summer 2017. Wedge heel sandals, chunky high heels, and clear heeled shoes are the top trending picks for this year.

Wedge Heel Sandals

Wedge heel sandals are almost always a popular pair of tall shoes for the summer. They are more comfortable than other high heels, yet still offer that extra height boost that so many women crave. This year you should seek out high wedge sandals that come in neutral hues like brown, white, or black. Select ones that tie up your ankles or that have a sturdy strap. Wedge heel sandals are perfect for casual outfits, a night out, swim outfits, or for trips to the beach.

Chunky High Heels

This year chunky heeled high heels are leading the trends for summer shoes. Chunky heels with a reminiscent heel from the 1970s are making a big come back this year. Chunky heels look fantastic with swim wear, casual outfits, work outfits, and night out looks. The ones on trend this summer are chunky heeled shoes with a sturdy strap for your ankle and an open toe area. Chunk heels are slightly more stable than thin heeled shoes, which is another great reason to get them.

Clear Heeled Shoes

An interesting trend from this summer is clear high heels. This interesting shoe trend of clear heels has a distinctly unique and modern look. The most popular colors for the clear heels are white, grey or black shoes with a solidly clear plastic heel. The heel of the high heel may be thin or chunky. The clear heeled shoes in neutral colors go with almost every outfit you may put together over the summer. You can wear them casually, for a night out, or with work outfits. You can pair it up with Many shoe designers have combined the trends of chunky high heels with the clear heeled trend to make chunky clear heeled high heels. Clear and chunky high heels are officially the trendiest summer heels for this summer.

Wedge heel sandals, chunky high heels, or clear heeled shoes will keep your summer wardrobe ready for any kind of event or casual outing you are going on. Wedge heels are perfect for your more casual outfits and swimming excursions. Chunky high heels and clear heeled shoes are perfect for summer work outfits, casual outfits, and for swim wear outfits. Pick the right pair of heels for your needs this summer, or you could even get one pair of each trendy summer heels. Whatever you decide to select, make sure you enjoy yourself in the summer heels you pick.

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