WG Fun Run

The YMCA of Canberra Runners Club invites women and girls of all ages to join in the ActewAGL Women and Girls’ 5k Fun Run/Walk website, an annual event at Commonwealth Park in Canberra.

Entrants may walk, jog or run the 5km course from Stage 88 to just past the Carillon and return on a traffic free loop through Commonwealth and Kings Parks.

Money raised will support OvCan and the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club.

At this website you will find results and photos from the 2013 event, along with information about our charity partner and links to our sponsor websites.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2014 event.

Work Boots Maintenance

Work Boots Maintenance Tips

A good pair of work boots can make your job a lot easier. A great pair can keep your feet nice and dry in times of rainy weather. It can keep your tired feet comfortable when you’re moving around all day long. It’s important to keep work boots in strong condition. Remember, you have to wear your work boots regularly. The last thing you want is to put on a pair of shabby and weak work boots. Proper maintenance is essential for people who want to maintain work boots that are resilient, strong and reliable for years.

Rinse your boots on a daily basis. If you notice any hints of dirt, dust, debris, grime or mud on your boots, use warm water to rinse them off as soon as possible. Don’t give dirt the opportunity to gather on your boots. That can lead to fast deterioration.

Proper storage practices are vital for people who want to keep their work boots sturdy and strong for a long time. Don’t just keep your boots in any random place in your home. Place them in dry spots that have great ventilation. Don’t ever keep them in stuffy and musty spots.

Make use of a good conditioning oil. Don’t panic once your boots start to show their age. Aging is natural for boots. Just put a high-quality conditioning oil on them. Regular conditioning oil application can be a lifesaver for boots that are beginning to show telltale signs of wearing down. Examples are both splitting and cracking.

Make routine waterproofing a priority in your life. If you want your work boots to be invulnerable to the potential hazards of H20, waterproofing is the ideal solution. Aim to waterproof your boots every month. Do so immediately after cleaning them. It can be a good idea to employ a designated waterproofing spray, wax or cream. If your feet are around H20 on a frequent basis, it may even be preferable to waterproof your boots in intervals of two weeks or so.

Be cautious. Quality pairs of boots are designed to be sturdy and powerful. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should ever take advantage of their strength. Don’t make any assumptions about your boots. Try to treat them with as much care as possible. Refrain from kicking large and tough items just because you think you can. Refrain from wearing your boots whenever the situation doesn’t call for it, too. It’s critical to wear your boots when you’re in the middle of taxing and demanding outdoor construction jobs. It’s never a good idea, though, to wear them when you’re simply sitting around and relaxing. If you want your boots to stay strong, attractive and dependable for a long time, you should only wear them when you have no other choice.

You can never force a pair of boots to fit your feet the correct way. If your work boots hurt and constantly make your feet feel sore, chances are they’re not the right size for you.

Steel Cap Boots

Steel cap boots

Safety is the best prevention and many lessons have been learned throughout the history of industrial revolutions. One of these preventative lessons will far outlive any innovations in the workplace and that is ‘Steel Cap Boots’. This footwear goes by: Steel Toe Boot, Safety Boot and Safety Shoe. And steel being the invisible yet most important detail of this footwear has optimized it to become a super hero material that has saved untold millions of dollars to industries worldwide.

War and Peace

The Steel Cap Boot came into use around the end of World War II in Germany replacing leather boots and wooden clogs. And the injuries were plenty and a solution was soon launched.

Progressive Safety and Function

The progression of the Steel Cap Boots during the Industrial Revolution in America came to see the footwear as a requirement over time in many industries and not one that could be negotiated in most instances. Steel Cap Boots became an iconic feature in the American Farmer, Miner and Logger and synonymous with Rugged Individualism that built a productive society of hard workers. And over time the footwear took on more style and comfort as well as trusted function.

Built Tough to Serve and Protect

The impressive design of the culturally relevant Steel Cap Boots incorporates durable leather with the steel plate inserted in the toe as well as the mid sole of the boot to prevent sharp punctures from objects top and bottom. Astonishingly the highest rated Steel Cap Boots can withstand from 75 lbs to 400 lbs from 3 ft.

Safety Compliance in the Workplace

Governmental agencies like OSHA, the Occupational Safety & Health Act enforces workplace safety standards and procedures and Steel Cap Boots are required for both men and women in many workplaces. And over the last one hundred years, these safety boots have been so refined to have even been modified into more fashionable options that have the added value of comfort as well. And other materials are now used instead of leather which include: plastics and aluminum.

Appeal to the Subcultural Landscape

Steel Cap Boots developed a fan base of subcultural groups who love them for the edgy appeal and can also be seen gracing runways as fashion statements. The element of danger and excitement meet the safety boot to bring about an interesting juxtaposition.

Clearing Up Urban Legends and Alternative Facts

The Steel Cap Boot doesn’t escape the rising tide of alternative facts. Some may try to rumor the boot to be intended for safety but also a danger to the wearer, resulting in toe amputation. And this is largely believed by some due to the grapevine but no documented proof can be made for these tall tales. And like they say: “Show the Receipts!” Otherwise, the Steel Cap Boot will continue to morph and transform to meet the ever changing safety needs of the workplace.

Classic Ladies Shoes

Classic Ladies Shoes You Should Have in Your Closet

Shoes are every lady’s best friend. In fact, experts reveal that it is possible to predict their attitude and character just from their footwear. This only means that ladies have to put much thought into shoes they purchase to be able to attract a positive vibe.

There are endless options of ladies’ shoes reeled out every season. This is why it is not strange to have an array of pumps in a rainbow of colors in your closet. However, if you are planning to spend on new pairs this season, here are some top classic ladies’ shoes you need to consider.

Pointed Pumps

Pointed pumps are a great option since they have the ability to pull together any outfit you have in mind. These Ladies Shoes Brand House Direct, particularly the basic black pumps either in suede material or rug leather, bring out an element of sophistication when worn just right.

Ankle-Strap Heel Sandals

Scanty ankle-strap sandals go with just about any outfit in your closet. They provide you with a bold look as well as convenience. You will not have to worry about dragging your feet after a long walk because these ladies’ shoes are extremely lightweight. Ankle-strap sandals usually give an impression of long attractive legs.

Sleek Ankle Boots

You can add an edge to your look with a pair of black sleek ankle boots. They work great with jeans for a casual look. However, you can also match them with a dress for an intermediate official look. These ladies’ shoes won’t let you down since they thrive season after season without going out of style.

Luxe Loafer

Are you a casualwear savvy person? Luxe loafers are just the right ladies’ shoes to consider. The design is menswear-inspired making an ideal run-around footwear. For the best results with denim or classic oversized jeans, go for the basic black flats or bright color heeled Luxe loafers.

Animal Print HeelsThese ladies’ shoes are particularly for people who prefer matching outfits. Snakeskin or leopard print heels can give you a chic style. Also, they act as a neutral when you’d like to mix other prints into your style. The animal print heels come in a variety of colors which you can pick according to your outfit.

Short Stacked Heels

Borrowed from the 90’s, short stacked heels have once again made a debut into the ladies’ shoes fashion books. They are a great option if you’d like to improve your height slightly without compromising your comfort. Short stacked heels come in a variety of designs ranging from basic black to flower prints.

Flat Sandals

Don’t know what shoes to have on for your summer wear? Flat sandals are efficient ladies’ shoes for the summer that can go with either a floral dress or cut-off shorts. They come in ankle straps or sheen-length laces that can add a little detail to your style.

These are the top ladies’ shoes cutting across formal and casual footwear. They are both timeless and fashionable making them an essential part of your wardrobe. In addition to that, they can work well with a variety of outfits.

ladies womens shoes

Heels on Trend for Summer

Heels on Trend for Summer of 2017

High heels are always stylish and you should have at least one pair for special occasions available in your closet. If you are looking to update your shoes for this summer, there are various high heels that are trending this year. This year comfortable and modern looking high heels are the trendiest option for summer 2017. Wedge heel sandals, chunky high heels, and clear heeled shoes are the top trending picks for this year.

Wedge Heel Sandals

Wedge heel sandals are almost always a popular pair of tall shoes for the summer. They are more comfortable than other high heels, yet still offer that extra height boost that so many women crave. This year you should seek out high wedge sandals that come in neutral hues like brown, white, or black. Select ones that tie up your ankles or that have a sturdy strap. Wedge heel sandals are perfect for casual outfits, a night out, swim outfits, or for trips to the beach.

Chunky High Heels

This year chunky heeled high heels are leading the trends for summer shoes. Chunky heels with a reminiscent heel from the 1970s are making a big come back this year. Chunky heels look fantastic with swim wear, casual outfits, work outfits, and night out looks. The ones on trend this summer are chunky heeled shoes with a sturdy strap for your ankle and an open toe area. Chunk heels are slightly more stable than thin heeled shoes, which is another great reason to get them.

Clear Heeled Shoes

An interesting trend from this summer is clear high heels. This interesting shoe trend of clear heels has a distinctly unique and modern look. The most popular colors for the clear heels are white, grey or black shoes with a solidly clear plastic heel. The heel of the high heel may be thin or chunky. The clear heeled shoes in neutral colors go with almost every outfit you may put together over the summer. You can wear them casually, for a night out, or with work outfits. You can pair it up with Many shoe designers have combined the trends of chunky high heels with the clear heeled trend to make chunky clear heeled high heels. Clear and chunky high heels are officially the trendiest summer heels for this summer.

Wedge heel sandals, chunky high heels, or clear heeled shoes will keep your summer wardrobe ready for any kind of event or casual outing you are going on. Wedge heels are perfect for your more casual outfits and swimming excursions. Chunky high heels and clear heeled shoes are perfect for summer work outfits, casual outfits, and for swim wear outfits. Pick the right pair of heels for your needs this summer, or you could even get one pair of each trendy summer heels. Whatever you decide to select, make sure you enjoy yourself in the summer heels you pick.

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